The objective of this case study was to develop a website for the nonprofit organization Buddy System. The main focus of this project was to streamline the volunteering process, including onboarding and finding a team.

It was the Ironhack UI/UX Bootcamp’s final project, and the prototypes were developed during a…

How I learned my biggest lesson in Ironhack Bootcamp

Photo by Ming Jun Tan on Unsplash — Me 2 hours ago in my natural habitat

"Creativity and ego can’t live in the same space.. and that goes beyond our process and if the stakeholders don’t leave ego at the door there is nothing that you can do." — A wise man with a hat

But the…

Website pages mockup
Mockup with website pages

This case study was geared towards developing a microsite for Salvador's Carnival in the state of Bahia, Brazil. The prototypes were developed for a 5 day-sprint using Figma and Adobe XD, and the whole project was organize using Miro and Trello.

Project Intended Outcome:

Find a way for carnival revelers to access relevant…

The Raise Hand feature was developed by me and Gabrielle Farag as a part of Ironhack's Bootcamp challenge week 3: Add a Feature. The challenge involved choosing a well-known app/ platform and adding a feature that would create value for both the user and the brand.

Raise Hand Questions feature…

Our goal for this Second Week project from Ironhack UI/UX Bootcamp was to explore the possibilities of using e-commerce tools to create a bridge between the patients' needs and the company. …

How can we make immigration an easier task — for immigrants?

In this case study, I'll be talking about all the phases within this sprint challenge [Discover, Define up until the Develop stage].

Photo by Todd Trapani from Pexels

1. DISCOVER [Research & user data]

Our challenge was presented to us on October 19th, and we were separated into groups. Every group…

In this challenge, we had to choose between the 7 wonders of the new millennium as a travel destination. All of this was imagined in an era pre-Covid19, so I am ignoring travel bans and recommendations from the CDC for the purpose of this study.

My choice was Chichen Itzá…

From Ironhack UI/UX bootcamp


This challenge was particularly interesting, because we did the reverse process. Instead of the usual wire-framing → coming up with a design, we did the other way around. That made me learn a lot about simple stuff like: font size to not make the wireframes look…

How can we make the experience of purchasing different public transportation tickets — from multiple sources — fast and practical?

This is our first Ironhack UI/UX bootcamp challenge. Citymapper is an app that offers the quickest and cheapest public and private transport routes to their users. …

Isa Sobrinho T.

UI/UX and ND to be.

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